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Our foster story so far

We made the decision years ago that we wanted to foster, so we began our journey. We went through the classes over time and we were ready for anything. We were wrong. There were alot of things, no matter how prepared, we were not prepared for. We found that there are many deficiencies within the system toward the foster kids and families that are left uncared for. Our first placement of 3 girls was a call at 11PM on a Wednesday. The girls came to our house after midnight. We were given no information, just here you go, good luck. They came in with a small trash bag each that were each less than 25% full. Shock to the system, we had to call off of work the next day just to figure everything out, school, clothes, food, toiletries, let alone the schedule of all of things. All of this and much more was thrown on and given a "good luck". We turned upside down to get everything ready for these great kiddos, and made it work. Got into a rhythm, and worked through the system that fought us at every turn. It was a rocky start to say the least, but our journey, to fast forward, is still going strong with 2 adopted children that are becoming very well adjusted and are allowed to be kids for once in their young lives. There is nothing I have ever done that has been more fulfilling, my only wish was that we could do more. So here we are, doing more...

you can help

We know there are many gaps in the foster system, the problem is that the most vulnerable are the ones that fall into those gaps. Also, the support that those who foster children are not given the support that is truly needed. Especially when it comes to teens in the foster system. We understand that many are not in a situation that they can foster, but feel the same way we do and we are giving everyone a way to help even if they cant physically foster.
Even the smallest donation makes a huge difference. Every donation helps get necessities and comfort items, to help these children begin to adjust to the situation they have before them. These children have been taken from everything they have ever known and are scared. Many if not all of these children have no support system and have substantial trauma. So, donations of clothes, food, or just about anything will help give a much needed helping hand to those children and fosterers that are taking on the need.

Our hope and plan in time is to expand to providing expanded services to children and teens, especially those that are at risk of aging out with little to no skills to get their life started, as well as helping them understand and handle their trauma. Trauma doesn't magically go away at 18 years old. Crazy I know, right? But, that is generally how the system treats them. The overwhelming majority of the time though, they end up completing a horrible circle that needs to be broken, going right back into the system that let them loose, except, it is their kids that are now in the foster system and they are the ones in court, jail, or worse the morgue. Most of us cant imagine this, but it is their everyday reality. It should be stopped and can be stopped. Together, we can give these kids the love and support they need to overcome their past, so they don't repeat it, and create a future full of hope and prosperity for them that have seen and lived the worst. If you agree, come with us and help us break this cycle one child at a time!