Foster Child and family outreach

Our not-for-profit organization & partners help at-risk youth in foster care and their families offering child welfare items and more.

The Past, present, and future of foster care

There are almost 450,000 children in foster care but only just over 200,000 foster parents nationwide. This means foster parents and agencies are often left short with limited resources. Hour of Promise looks to begin this not for profit to provide supplemental assistance to these foster children in need. We look to partner with Foster Care organizations to provide items where there is the most need.

As we look to the future of Hour of Promise, we will continue to make adjustments to address the most urgent needs facing foster/at risk youth. We have future plans for a camp for kids where there will be life skills activities, sports, special events, and many evolving ideas created for these children who would normally not have the access to.

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Kits for Kids

We have different kits for kids to help them adjust to their new situation. These are for comfort, play, or education, since these kids are almost always behind and have little to nothing, these kits are something special that can put a smile of these kids face.

Mind Kit

This kit will have items to help occupy the mind. Experiments, puzzles, word letter & number games, strategy type items, all made to work out the mind. Many of these kids are behind, as their education has been neglected. Lets get them on the right foot!

Body Kit

Toiletries, tooth brush, tooth paste, mouth wash, hair brush, comb, body scrubber, body wash, shampoo, more... This kit is to give a child the items they need to learn how to care for their body. Something many of them were never taught.

Soul Kit

This kit will have comfort items. A stuffed animal, a pad to write in or draw in, colored pencils or crayons, special coupons for use with foster parents like a hug coupon, a lets talk coupon, a popcorn & movie coupon (popcorn supplied) and more....

I am loved kit

This kit is for any child in the foster care system. Many children enter the system with a trash bag less than 25% full. That is all they have in the world. We want them to feel loved with a nice bag, filled with items for them like a comfort stuffed animal, coloring books, crayons or colored pencils, toiletries, books, and more...

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